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When organizations choose Your Results for their digital marketing, they attract more qualified traffic and convert a higher % of their visitors into customers. On an average, our customers witness a 500% increase in digital marketing ROI.

Target your traffic easily
  1. by location
  2. by interests
  3. by gender
  4. by age
  5. by search history and more

Convert your traffic at higher rates: Right content, right place, right time. Seamless landing page optimization. Ever easier calls to action. Relevant content. The results?
  1. Brands with greater reach, conversion and viral endorsement
  2. Predictable performance
  3. Balanced Growth and ROI

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March 02 2013

Marketing Scorecard: Check Your Traffic, Conversion Rate and Viral Endorsement


Find the effectiveness of your marketing function. Check your traffic, conversion rate and viral endorsement. Does your online traffic generally increase month over month? Are you increasing your leads month over month? What is the average conversion rate of your Read More


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